Century Club Badge

Wisconsin Century Club

The Wisconsin Century Club award is available to any person who has hiked 100 miles or more, subject to the requirements below.  The award is a 4" square embroidered patch that depicts a Wisconsin forest scene.  The cost for this award is $10.00, and can be purchased by filling out the online application.

To earn the Wisconsin Century Club Award, these rules must be followed:

  1. Each individual must have hiked 100 miles or more
  2. Repeated hikes of a trail may be counted.
  3. Merit badge miles may be counted (applicable to Scouts).
  4. The hikes may be completed in any state or country.
  5. All trails and mileage amounts must be listed on the submitted award application.
  6. Each applicant for this award must submit their own application.

Download Century Club Application Form

Century Club Online Application