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2019 Devil's Lake Hike

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2019 Root River Trail PatchDiscontinued Event

1966 - 2019

Root River Trail Hike




The Root River event was annually in late April. This hiking or biking event began at Scout Lake Park, located on Loomis Road (Hwy 36) in Greendale about a quarter mile south of Grange Avenue and features the meandering Root River trail which crosses through Greendale, Greenfield, and West Allis.  Although groups were encouraged to complete the entire 12-mile trail which ended at Greenfield Park, we also provided a 4.5-mile option which ends at 80th Street and Grange Avenue, as well as a 14.5-mile trail which includes the entire 12-mile trail with an additional 2.5-mile loop through Whitnall Park.

In addition, this event also took place in conjunction with the Great American Clean Up, and Badger Trails provided garbage bags and thank you coupons to those groups wishing to participate in the clean up, and pick up litter that they find on the trail.

Organizations that registered with Badger Trails received commemorative patches upon checking in at the beginning of the event.


Root River Trail Hike - Map



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