1. What are the DNR restrictions on firewood?
    To prevent the spread of invasive species, the Department of Natural Resources will not allow campers to bring in firewood that was sourced more than 10 miles from the park. Campers will be asked about the source of their firewood upon entering the park, and all firewood sourced outside of a 10 mile radius will be confiscated.
  2. What time does the event open on Friday?
    Packet pickup and on-site registration begins at 3:30 PM on the Friday of the event. Our registration is set up in the Bathhouse at the south end of the main parking lot at the North end of Devil's Lake. Badger trails is the registered group for all campsites used for this event. All groups must arrive and check in with the Badger Trails prior to 10pm on Friday evening.
  3. How do I register for this event?
    Registration for this event occurs through Badger Trails using our registration form. Badger Trails has already reserved those areas of the park that we use. Please do not call the park or attempt to register a site through the Wisconsin State Park Campsite Reservation System for this event! The sites that are available through the Wisconsin State Park Campsite Reservation System are far away from the area of the park that we use, and we will not be able to provide a refund for sites reserved through the DNR or the Wisconsin State Park Reservation System.  If you have any questions about reservations, please email us at info@badgertrails.org.  Our registration chairperson will contact you with pertinent information.
  4. What time does the trail open?
    The first checkpoint on each bluff opens at 8:00 AM on Saturday, and the trail remains open to Badger Trails hikers until 3:00 PM, at which point the Badger Trails staff will begin sweeping the trails, and closing the checkpoints one at a time after all registered groups have gone through. Groups that begin hiking after the trails are closed do so at their own risk and Badger Trails cannot be held responsible.
  5. What happens if it rains or snows?
    The event will not be cancelled in the event of inclement weather. Because the trails on the bluffs are made of asphalt and stone, they can become very slippery when wet. If Badger Trails deems the bluff trails to be unsafe, we will open an alternate trail that runs through the woods on the East Bluff and includes parts of the Steinke Basin trail.
  6. Is there First Aid available?
    Yes. Badger Trails has a Health And Safety Officer, First Aid and Emergency Medical personnel available. In case of emergencies, please call 911, Park Rangers or Badger Trails Staff.
  7. What other activities besides the hike are planned?
    On Saturday night, Badger Trails provides DJs and hosts two social events. One event is a record spin that is held outside the bathhouse for registered guests that are younger than 14. The other event is a dance held at the pavilion located on the North edge of the lake and is provided for any registered attendee 14 years or older. Badger Trails will check to see if attendees are 14 years old or older at the door to the event, and any attendee that is younger than 14 will be turned away.  In addition, all registered attendees will be provided a wristband in their registration packet.  Wristbands must be worn in order to be admitted to either event. If you are not wearing a wristband, you may be turned away at the entrance. Please note that the registered youth groups that attend these events are the responsibility of their leaders! There should be at least 1 chaperone from your group at each event your youth attend.  Therefore, if youth from your group plan to attend both the record spin and the dance, your group will need to have chaperones at each location. While these events are meant to be fun, it only takes a small group to ruin the events for others.  Please stress to your youth that they are to be on their best behavior. All registered Badger Trails participants are welcome at the dances.